Wednesday, 7 May 2014

One day to another.

Bank holiday Monday was spent with my OH and my little nephews. some research was done in between bits and bobs. struggling at the moment to get writing done. Its looking like a 6 am rise for a few weeks to fit it in a little bit of a juggling act for next few weeks as I also have a lot of music to learn for PB competitions but I am not giving it even if its 5 mins here and 5 mins there I will write...

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Today is the second part of de cluttering out with the old in with the new. It is a good job there is a car boot sale coming up soon on the 18th May so I am going  try and sell a few items to make a few £££. I also have had a large clear out  from my books shelf  seeing as I got my kobo for valentines day  with a 32gb memory card perfect for me. Also this afternoon hope to get a bit more done on my Novel that I have started .Then OH and I are going to have a nice meal later tonight.Then sadly back to work tomorrow would love to say for short term.( fingers crossed watch this space) have a weeks holidays coming up soon so lots to look forward to and lots of writing to be done.
Ta Ta for now Gail.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

All change and first foot forward.

Well new blog. new beginning .Here it  is  to the fresh start it all starts from today the here and now and to the future.My turning point was that of jury duty it made me realise i had more to give , i wanted something different in life not stuck in a endless job routine .
something that has had a big impact on my views and that my views and thoughts made a difference it was counted for the first time in ages felt worthy of what id done and equal  to everyone else there in that room. i can do this i can take the challenge am just as good as everyone else am not stupid as people make you feel in the work place i have taken the step forward with the support of my other half Kevin and become the author i want to be...................